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For most people, street art and graffiti are faceless acts by elusive and mysterious people. Their work is seen by millions on the streets and on the Internet, but the artists rarely appear in front of the camera. Danish photographer Søren Solkær spent three years traveling the world, meeting with painters, sculptors, writers, and other artists to create dynamic portraits of them with their work. With a collection of over 140 portraits, Solkær has published a book titled SURFACE that may be the dopest yearbook you've ever seen.

Solkær's SURFACE project covers 13 cities, including Copenhagen, New York, London, Miami, Paris, Los Angeles, and Berlin. The book features a foreword by the photographer, followed by 240 pages of large portraits of legendary artists and noise-making newcomers. Blek Le Rat, ELLE, Mark Bode, Gaia, Miss Van, Swoon, Space Invader, Run, Borondo, Niels 'Shoe' Meulman, London Police, and others pose on rooftops, in alleyways and studios, and against other urban backdrops for very dynamic shots that are as interesting as the art they produce.

"Blek Le Rat"
"Dabs Myla"
"Don John"

We spoke to D*Face, CYRCLE., and FAILE about working with Søren Solkær, and about the cool and unique SURFACE project (which is currently being shown in galleries around the world). Peep the photos below with captions from the artists, and head to Gingko Press to grab a copy of the book.

"The mask was definitely my idea! It was also our idea to jump the 10-foot spiked fence to get up to the roof of the adjacent building. But Soren is down as fuck and jumped that shit with all his cameras and gear! It was hilarious." - RaBi, CYRCLE.
"The best part of being photographed by Søren was hearing the stories of all the other artists he’s photographed along the way. It’s an amazing journey to find all these characters working away in their corners of the world and we were honored to be a part of it.” - Patrick Miller and Patrick McNeil, FAILE
"[Soren] turned up at my studio, super cool cat, real chilled...took a few studio shots and then asked if I had anything in the area he could shoot me against. I said ‘Oh yeah, I have a sculpture of my character crashed into a car outside in the carpark.' He was like 'Ok cool, can you climb into the back of it and hang out the window like you're dead?’ I said 'Sure, shall I wear this army helmet too, just to make it super surreal?... it all went swimmingly until I tore my jacket on the shattered glass windscreen. Soren owes me a jacket ;)" - D*Face