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Fashion awards tend to take a minute to come to fruition. Back in April, the nominees for the regional Woolmark Prizes were announced and just last night the U.S. portion of the competition took place. The big homie, New York's own Siki Im took home the honors, representing the good ol' US of A on the world stage moving forward.

A panel that included John Varvatos and Steven Kolb chose Siki over other the other menswear nominees that included David Hart, Cadet, Thaddeus O'Neil and Lucio Castro for a prize of roughly $37,110 and the privilege to rep American at the International Woolmark Prize. Siki and other regional winners will present judges a small capsule collection made from Merino wool to decide the ultimate victor who will be announced in January 2016 and take home an additional prize of about $74,210. Not too shabby. Then again, I could use, like, $20 if anyone reading this is willing to pony up. But I digress.

This is basically the second leg in a year-long process. Regional nominees were chosen first and now they're being selected to represent their territories in a global fashion competition that will decide one, true wool-based fashion champion. Public School repped the U.S. last year and ended up taking home the entire competition as they've tended to do as of late. Naturally, we're officially throwing our support behind Siki. Here's to a USA repeat.

[Photo courtesy of BFA]