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We just saw this collection approximately two hours ago and we already have images. That's called efficiency, people, especially during New York Fashion Week when shit is just flying by at breakneck speed. PLAC was among the handful of brands at New York Men's Day this morning, officially kicking off the start of the first ever NYFW: Men's, and their S/S 16 collection is pretty on point. I think the team over there has also figured out the formula for good shorts: wider, boxier legs. Blogs and magazines will tell you not be afraid of tighter shorts that come above the knee, but if you do have real fears over such a garment, some boxy joints are the recipe for success. Plac's lightweight outerwear is also smart and clean with bombers and topcoats that you'll never buy for S/S 16, so they'll definitely hit the sales rack and be a great deal even if you won't be able to wear them until F/W 16 because who the fuck wears outerwear between April and August? Yes, I legitimately just thought further than a year into the future about sale prices and wardrobes. That's the type of savant shopper shit we all need to get on.