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Jackets that look like shirts are extremely my jam. Jackets that look like shirts only they're made from fabrics that jackets should never be made of are even more so my jam. Scandinavian flamethrowers Our Legacy have been on a rampage lately and have blown through with this great navy suede zip shirt. There are zero problems with the design—that breast pocket looks like it was specially tailored by some old hand in Sweden to fit a napkin with a phone number on it just so. But this really is not a shirt. It's made of too-soft suede. Suede so soft it'd melt in the rain. Suede so soft that pill-heads will sense your presence from one hundred yards away and seek you out just to rub their faces on your chest. In fact, this jacket might ruin your life. Shirts don't do that. This is actually a classic indoor jacket for someone who's spent the cash for their heating bill at their cool Copenhagen loft on other luxurious purchases. Or maybe this actually is a shirt. Either way, it makes me feel some type of way, but it doesn't make me feel that type of way.

Sam Diss is a writer living in London. Follow him on Twitter here.