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Norse Projects keeps chugging along for its Fall/Winter 2015 collection. While other brands may be tempted to chase trends, the Danish brand continues to dig deeper into its refined and minimalist style. 

This particular collection was inspired by the late Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi. Norse Projects emulates the painter's use of muted colors and throws out even the occasional dash of vibrancy that was included in previous collections. The color palette matches the one used in Hammershøi's paintings with dried olive, powder blue, and ochre yellow, along with black and white. The late painter was also inspired by architecture which Norse Projects highlights here by shooting the lookbook in famous Scandinavian furniture design shop Fritz Hansen. 

The collection is filled with contemporary Fall/Winter essentials, such as knit sweaters, puffer jackets, top coats, peacoats, rain jackets, trousers, and an assortment of indigo-dyed pieces. Each piece is pared down to the absolute minimum making them willing partners in an expertly layered outfit, as exhibited in the lookbook below. 

Look for Norse Projects' Fall/Winter 2015 collection to drop on its website soon.