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I stopped into a couple of showrooms this morning to make sure that we're on top of the whole "networking" aspect of the fashion industry. So don't worry. I got this. It's super easy to just chill in the office and cook up fire content like the digital chefs we are, but sometimes you have to actually talk to someone in person. It's easily one of my least favorite aspects of the gig. Sometimes though, you get to see some pure heat IRL, like Needles S/S 16, and it makes all that terrible social interaction worth it. This is definitely a super weird lookbook that gives off, like, 1970s Yakuza vibes at certain points. The shirt in the full retro look on slide 17 is straight up sensual silk and the striped track pants in slide 12 come complete with an accompanying jacket for the full look. Of course, we still have the signature reconstructed ribbon shirts that aren't featured here, but are confirmed via my exhaustive research today. Honestly, there's actually quite a bit missing here, my favorite piece—a mid-layer, plaid, single button noragi-style shirt—included. Essentially, Needles didn't want to give away the baby with the bathwater, just supplying you a taste to get by for the time being. We'll allow it.