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The most funded fashion item in crowdsourcing history is the BauBax jacket, which is equipped to help you face all your daily struggles. The product has been called the Swiss Army knife of jackets and over $1.6 million dollars have been donated (with 41 days still left) to get it off the ground. 

The jacket comes in a number of styles, like a sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer, but it's what underneath that really makes it special. The BauBax's 15 different features include a built-in neck pillow and eye mask in the hood, gloves inside the sleeves, earphone holders, a pocket that acts as a koozie drink holder, and a zipper that detaches and becomes a pen-stylus hybrid. The Kickstarter has over 9,500 backers that are apparently over the days when they don't have a place to keep their drinks cold at all times or a designated pocket for their iPad. 

As of this writing, there's only one spot left in the $99 backer tier, but plenty in the $109 tier. Backers will start receiving their jackets in Nov. of this year, and the company plans to sell the BauBax for $160 once it hits retail. Scoop up your own futuristic outerwear here