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Have you ever wanted to own a Maserati? Have you ever wanted to own the car of an American menswear designer? Depending on how you answered the last two questions, today may be your lucky day. Mark McNairy is selling off his Maseratis on eBay—for a cool $1,000 apiece.

"But wait," you say. "How do you know these Maseratis belong to McNairy?" If you've been following Complex for the past couple years, you may remember a short interview with the designer, where he mentions his love of Maseratis, and his Quattroporte and Biturbo (the cars for sale on eBay) by name.

If you're still not convinced, he also mentioned that a Maserati Quattroporte was up for grabs on eBay back on July 20. (Besides, can you imagine anyone else wrapping their car in camouflage?)


Maserati Quattroporte | eBay

— mark mcnairy (@mmcnairy) July 20, 2015


If you're interested in the 1984 Quattroporte, it's available to bid on. Bids start a $1,000, but there's also option to buy it outright for $15,000

If camo-wrapped sports cars aren't your jam, then consider the other car up for sale—a 1985 Maserati Biturbo. Like the Quattroporte, bidding begins at $1,000, with the "buy it now" price at $10,000. 


Maserati Other Bitchin' | eBay

— mark mcnairy (@mmcnairy) July 20, 2015


Whether you're McNairy superfan, or are just trying to score a crazy deal on a sports car, we suggest giving these auctions a look. It's not often you see a Maserati start off at $1,000.