Men everywhere have tried to capture Don Draper's inimitable swag. There's plenty of guides on how to dress like the ad man, but here's your chance to screw all that and just go straight to the source by buying one of Draper's suits. Mad Men is auctioning off a number of costumes and other memorabilia seen during the show's run, according to The Guardian.

The Screenbid auction includes several of Draper's suits as well as those warn by other employees at SCDP, such as Roger Sterling, Ken Cosgrove, Bert Cooper, or, if it's your thing, Pete Campbell (no judgment). The auction also has Draper's off-duty looks, like a pair of Madras shorts, a plaid robe, and a denim jacket, in case you feel like trying to break the land speed record, plus a ton of other set pieces from the show. 

There's almost 1,400 Mad Men items involved in the auction, so there should be something to please most fans of the show. Check out a sampling below and head here to start bidding. 

Don Draper suit / Image via Screenbid


Roger Sterling sport coat and ascot / Image via Screenbid
Bert Cooper seersucker suit / Image via Screenbid
Pete Campbell suit / Image via Screenbid