It's our civic duty to report on any time Karl Lagerfeld has something of importance written about him, which is why we have to direct your attention to the profile the Financial Times just did of the man on the brink of Fendi's first ever true couture show this week. It's going to be one of two couture shows he'll be presenting because Karl is truly the busiest man in the fashion. It wasn't even his idea to get into couture with Fendi. Sure, he thought it would be a good business move, but, again, in his own words, "I have more jobs and more work than I need . . . "

Much of the Fendi collection will center on fur—where the brand's beginnings are deeply rooted—so the controversy has already begun, but Lagerfeld shrugs it off and points to how people want things worth spending their money on: "Today, very basic classic things don't sell, or they have to be in a new material. They have to be from a new world." I think he's a bit off-base there, especially since basics are kinda of what is crushing it lately, but that may be more on the men's side of things. And while many people believe couture helps dictate ready-to-wear just like how concept car technology theoretically trickles down to consumer vehicles, Lagerfeld once again disagrees: "If it was in the same spirit, I just wouldn't do it because I would be bored to death. I would just say no. No, no, no! ... It should not have anything to do with ready-to-wear."

But onto what matters. We've already chronicled everything this guy hates to a meticulous extent and he adds to the list here with people listening to his conversations:

He has already dismissed a publicist from our three-way phone conversation: “I don’t like it when someone listens when I talk to someone.” He also forgoes deep analysis of his creative ideas: “I don’t put that into words because then it would become marketing.” And too much talk of global trends is met with the immaculate: “You know, I’m not in the sales department.”

We're with him on that one.

[Photo via Kmeron/Flickr]