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Jon Stewart is winding down his incredible run on The Daily Show, a program he's hosted while wearing a suit for every episode during its 16-year run. That's a lot of suits that Stewart will no longer have much use for. So it should come as no surprise that the host is doing the smart and thoughtful thing by auctioning off his no-longer-needed clothes for charity, The Guardian reports.

The auction will take place on eBay and will feature 19 suits, 18 of which are made custom by Armani. For most of the die-hard fans participating in the auction, the suit will have to serve merely as memorabilia. Unless of course an interested buyers just so happens to share Stewart's 5' 5" frame and 40S suit size. The suits come exclusively in black or grey, some with very subtle patterns.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit Achilles International, an organization aimed at helping athletes with disabilities. 

Bid on one of Stewart's suits here. Top bids have yet to break through $400, however, we have to imagine those prices are going to get much higher before the auction officially ends on July 30. 

Image via eBay