Growing a beard isn't as simple as putting down the razor and letting nature take its course. Facial hair requires upkeep and finding the best style for your face can be tricky. Luckily, shaving brand Braun has put together an infographic, courtesy of Business Insider, that details the best beard type for every face shape

The infographic covers seven face types, including a rectangular, square, diamond, and inverted triangle-shaped head, and the corresponding beard that should be worn with it. Once you diagnose what shape your face is, the inforgraphic details why each beard will work with your particular style.

Diamond-faced dudes are in luck, as their face shape works with the widest variety of beards. Men with faces that are oblong may just want to sit the facial hair trend out; the infographic's only recommendation is mutton chops

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Check out the infographic above and find out what facial hair style you should be rocking.