We're a bit late to the party on this video, but there are more important details to add. See, despite what your college professors would have you believe, you can use missing deadlines to your advantage. London-based luxury store Harvey Nichols has put a fun spin on retail's number one threat, shoplifters, with a recent ad campaign for its Rewards app. The video spot, which you can see above, highlights all the thieves that the store caught on camera in an attempt to get that coveted five-finger discount. The flick highlights those who were caught red-handed in the midst of escape attempts, but covers their face with cartoon caricatures to protect their anonymity and, I'm sure, add a little extra insult to injury.

Here's the thing though, the company is taking this shit to the next level. It's not just throwing the spotlight on petty thieves who suck at their chosen profession, but it's also sponsoring a giveaway of all the goods that were recovered. Starting today through the end of the week, you can get a swag bag full of the goods these poor, unfortunate criminals attempted to lift, high-end pieces from Givenchy, Céline, Valentino, Tom Ford and others included. You can check out more info on the giveaway here. Turns out, entertainment for our viewing pleasure isn't the only thing Harvey Nichols is giving away for free. Good on 'em.