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Don’t you wish you had a friend like Danny Joe Parkison?

During a recent boy’s trip to Greece, the 19-year-old decided to commemorate the two-week vacation by getting the names of his travel buddies tattooed on his leg. All 17 of them … plus his own.

According to Buzzfeed, Parkison decided to get the ink after he was faced with a bet during a night of drinking (of course). However, he insists he has no regrets despite his family’s disapproval.

“I'm happy with the quality of it, and it's just for fun,” he told the Daily Mail. “Two of the guys had bet me earlier in the week that I wouldn't do it […] I said I would, and it went on like that. Everyone chucked in 10 euros when we were all a bit drunk at pre-drinks. I was a bit drunk but not that drunk and I ended up in a tattoo shop with 18 names on my leg.”

Hey, you have to respect a guy who sticks to his word—especially when it involves a stupid decision you and your friends will talk about for years.

Take a look at the new ink in the image above. Note the last name, “Everitt,” which is crossed out due to his last-minute decision to not attend the vacation. We’re sure he’s regretting it now.