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Soccer kits are already covered in plenty of ugly corporate advertising, but graphic designer Nick Texeira has dreamt up a way to make the beautiful game even easier on the eyes. Texeira has imagined jerseys designed by fashion designers—including Kanye West.

While most of the jerseys are based on real teams, Texeira couldn't help dreaming up a West-inspired design that pays homage to the kit created by  Federico Maccapani, aka mbroidered. Texeira cites mbroidered as an inspiration for the entire sets of jerseys: Roma by Versace, Chelsea by Burberry, and PSG by Balmain and Versace. 

The concept is similar to what one graphic designer did for a range of NBA jerseys

At the very least, these jerseys are much less of an abomination than the U.S.'s loss to Jamaica in the Gold Cup last nightYou can check out the full assortment below and see more of Texeira's work on his Instagram.