Communicating thoughts, plans, opinions and feelings through emojis went from all the rage to a common practice. Even your parents have a firm grasp on the emoji keyboard by now. But what's really genius about them is just how many varying and applicable uses each emoji has to different groups of people, in different settings, etc. Even the most basic or most commonly used can have a completely different use and meaning in a different arena. Take Rap Twitter for example, an Internet space where vernacular is flipped, re-appropriated and reupholstered in the most creative of ways. Even a seemingly banal emoji is put to hilarious use when discussing rappers, their work, their beefs and all of the miscellaneous hilarity that goes down on the timeline. In the event that you're not cool enough to already understand, we've got you covered. Here's a helpful dictionary of every emoji that has secondary importance on #RapTwitter.