This morning at Wimbledon, Serena Williams took home her sixth winning title, becoming the second major American female sports win this week. And while most eyes were on her epic win, a few were drawn to Drake who sat in the audience cheering Serena on, replete in a Stone Island zip cardigan, draped effortlessly over his shoulders.

Fans of Drake, and tennis purists, will recognize this move as almost a respectful gesture to the style heritage of tennis courts and country clubs, while critics are aghast at the dated look. Sporting events have always been an opportunity for celebrities to make fashion statements, especially within context, so Drake is entering a veritable pantheon of exploration. But before anyone gets too mad, let’s remember that Drake isn’t the style icon some may name him. Maybe he’s just having a little fun.

Twitter was quick to excoriate Drake for this perceived faux pas (with a few voices of support). What do you think?

[via Twitter]