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Deluxe’s F/W 15 looks just got sent into my inbox and god damn if all these looks don’t remind me of that kid we all know, but don’t really know, at college. Like, you have classes with him, see him on campus, he even pops up at a lot of the same parties. You don’t know his name, but you’ve smoked weed on balconies, like, fifty times with him and he seems like a nice guy. He’s got kind of a weird, goofy style that only he can really pull off and he's definitely worth knowing, even if you don't really know him. Like, he showed up to your macroeconomics class with some very Ugg-like boots and a full-brimmed hat one time and instead of hating, you were like, “Wait, I might surreptitiously steeze bite this kid who is more of an acquaintance than a friend.” While you spent the year after graduation desperately trying to avoid moving back home with your parents, this guy got a really cool paid internship at an ad agency and is most likely responsible for a few corporate tweets that went viral.