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Another classic case of the photos not telling the whole story. Here we have CWST S/S 16 (pronounced "quest") brought to us by some of the guys who brought us Riviera Club a few years back. The Riviera Club brand shut down after a trademark dispute, but a couple of the dudes have gone on to found CWST, a left coast clothing brand that is proudly Californian, but wearable basically anywhere. It actually works out a little bit better now as Riviera Club had been so typecast as a leisurely California brand that customers had trouble making sense of any sort of cold weather outerwear because people are inherently idiots. Now with CWST, it looks like we're all good. You can't see everything as clearly as you'd want to thanks to the harsh ass lighting inside New York Men's Day's Industria Superstudio venue, but all the gear is impressive. The mixture of fabrics is great and a little off-beat. The puffy, wavy, wrinkly pants and jackets are a bit forward, but, done with the correct dosage of swagu, they'd look dope. It actually might make you want to put on a blazer for once. Drop-shoulder shirts and light layering pieces make it all come together in a smart, concise package. Take notice. Only in their fourth season, CWST is here to stay.