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Last Fall, London-based tailor and designer Rav Matharu (a.k.a. Clothsurgeon) caused a stir when he turned four pairs of Nike sweatpants into a bespoke "SweatSuit" for a Nike Tech Pack event. The project was divisive – some thought it was genius, while others found the combination of sportswear and formal wear to be confusing. Matharu, undeterred by critics, is at is again.

This weekend, Matharu debuted his latest Nike "SweatSuit" for Wimbledon on Instagram. He has only posted one picture so far, but they seem to be almost identical in design. This time, instead of using four pairs of grey sweatpants, he opted for navy fleece. The white Nike swooshes remain intact, and the breast pocket features a championship Wimbledon seal.

The Fleece Suits are bespoke, so they’re not available for purchase on Clothsurgeon’s site, but they do offer a bespoke program for interested customers.

[via clothsurgeon on Instagram]