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If you follow anyone of note on Instagram, Four Pins notwithstanding, you've surely seen someone peddle ridiculous shit. No matter what A-Z list you're on as a celeb, there's A TON of money to be made off pushing products to your followers, that's for sure. And big presence on the 'Gram could always lead to bigger, better, actually famous things. But even the most established, high-profile heroes of our culture push wack nonsense and the fine ladies at Jezebel did the end-all be-all of roundups of decidedly mediocre products that celebs are surely being paid big bucks to feature.

You may very well run the risk of breaking the scroll wheel on your mouse as you roll through the vapid wasteland that is this shadowy social media secondary market, featuring everyone from the Kardashian-Jenners and former Jersey Shore castmates to Real Housewives of wherever the fuck and our lord and savior Soulja Boy. There are even a few megastars you wouldn't expect, like Nicki Minaj, who despite very impressive incomes are still out here just trying to get them checks.

So, what do these living, breathing digital billboards typically promote? This is where is gets amazing: unknown nutritional supplements and shakes, teeth whitening solutions, oil pulling kits, various "tea" drinks, waist trainers and a whole grip of other stuff pointless shit that most normal, non-sheep wouldn't spend their money on. But this is Earth, where billions of morons co-exist not-so-peacefully with above average intelligent humans every day. Of course, this is all a huge grey area when it comes to endorsements.

But before you get yourself a whistle and start blowing like your name was Swizz Beatz, just revel in the fact that in all likelihood your favorite celeb is currently a major cog is some embarrassing pyramid scheme or scam. Stars, they're just like us!

[Photo via Kim Kardashian]