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You guys ever wonder how much money a clothing Kickstarter could really raise? HOW ABOUT $1.6 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS? Yeah, that is a real number and if you go to the Kickstarter for Baubax's travel jacket, you'll see that you still have 42 days to help fund already the most funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding ever.

$1.6 million dollars is a lot of money. You're probably asking, "What kind of jacket could possibly get nerds so amped they would band together and donate over a million dollars of their own money?" Well, a jacket with 15 features, obviously, including a drink koozie, an inflatable neck pillow, eye mask and a hidden pen/stylus just to name a few. Can you imagine the look of jealousy on everyone's faces when you slip a cold beverage into a pocket lined with neoprene? YOU CAN KEEP YOUR HOT DRINKS HOT AND YOUR COLD DRINKS COLD WITH YOUR FUCKING JACKET, FAM.

One version of this jacket is a blazer with a zip off hoodie so you can go full airplane mode on your commute to that new job interview and then, in the lobby, Animorph into a tech bro god to really impress your potential new boss. Listen, I can't even talk shit about this jacket because they raised over a million dollars. Will you ever need a jacket with all of these features at once? Probably not. But that's not what shopping is about. Like, I'll never need a car that goes 100 miles per hour, but I like knowing that this Kia Soul could. You don't really need a jacket with a built-in koozie and eye mask, but you know what? Maybe next Wednesday you're just gonna get hammered after work and take a road beer for the UberX home and you can't be bothered with sunlight disrupting the booze nap your body is forcing you to take because of all the poison you just put into it and you'll regret not contributing $99 to Baubax's war chest. My only critique? WHERE'S THE SCENT-BLOCKING WEED POCKET? Personally, that kind of oversight is why they're not getting my money.