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Andy Spade’s pajama brand, Sleepy Jones, has linked up with filmmaker Van Neistat to promote a social media scavenger hunt that launches this weekend.

Beginning tomorrow, the brand will release nine weather balloons filled with Sleepy Jones gear as well as cash for anyone to nab. The prizes will be released over a two-week period during a road trip from Montauk, NY, to Joshua Tree National Park in California. And, yes, we know the range is pretty expansive, but Sleepy Jones will provide clues about the balloons' locations on its Instagram page as well as Miranda July‘s Somebody app. So if you’re in the mood to cop some free merch as well as a little extra cash, you might want to keep your eyes on the brand’s social media pages as well as the sky.

You can check out a promo video for the scavenger hunt above. Spade said the intention of the project was to inspire adults to get outside “and back into the world.”