This is your grandpa's cardigan on steroids. Wait, do today's grandpas still wear sweaters and cardigans or have they evolved past the stereotypical grandpa aesthetic? I feel like once old people realize that they're old, they just automatically move somewhere warm. But then, they end up cranking the A/C to, like, 60 degrees and when you, a normal, not dying human, come to visit, you end up shivering in their little condo or townhouse that is definitely located in a small community of other old people also cranking their A/Cs. I'm convinced that our carbon emissions aren't from cars, but solely from these small neighborhoods where the elderly go "fuck it" and turn it up to 11. I bet you can see that shit from space. Anyhow, if you plan on visiting your grandparents, get this Ami long cardigan so you don't get frostbite.