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There is just something about Hermès apparently. The brand has the most coveted handbag and even the most luxurious ashtrays. Now, out in L.A. over $3 million worth of Hermes belts were seized in a counterfeiting operation, according to WWD.

We love a good counterfeiting bust. And considering it's a huge burden on the fashion industry, it's fun to see what designer goods are being forged most. In this case, there were literally just under 4,000 (3,960 to be exact) fake Hermès belts seized on their way into the U.S. from China last month, but finally reported yesterday. That adds up to a total of roughly $3.23 million in goods at retail value from just one bust. That's pretty incredible. But more incredible is how apparently in-demand the signature Hermès belt is. Those things with the "H" on them are very wack in my opinion—not to mention they run approximately $800 each. Highway robbery. Let's wait till the end of the year to see if 2015 can beat the total of counterfeit goods seized last year, which added up to a total of $1.22 billion. People just can't get enough fake Michael Kors, can they?

[Photo via Farfetch]