Hipsters have taken a lot of heat in recent years. Since we hit peak Williamsburg in 2005, hipster accessories like suspenders, mason jars, beards, and banjos have grown to become telltale indicators that you're trying too hard. Whereas hipsters were once viewed as standard bearers of fashion's cutting edge, these days, the hipster is as tired and mocked as the '80s Wall Street douche or hippie of the late '60s. Portlandia has already logged fifty episodes of television sending up hipsterdom and shows no signs of slowing.

Not only has the hipster's cultural moment passed; hipsters have become cultural pariahs. Ten years ago, the image of the hipster in your mind's eye was a PBR swilling, fixed gear riding party god, and now the word conjures a bearded thirty-something at the bar by himself talking about when a Pitchfork review "really meant something." Over the years, hipsters have been guilty of some heinous style sins. We've all seen the mustaches that Prussian dukes would find ostentatious and the patterns that even Wes Anderson would dub "a bit twee."

Despite the hipster backlash, we should admit that some of their trends have had a lasting impact on the culture. What's more, we should admit that sometimes this influence has been for the better. Here are 10 Hipsters Fashion Moves That Aren't Terrible.