Get ready, because this story is all kinds of disturbing.

According to an article published in the Mirror, a 39-year-old Canadian woman was so pressed for plastic surgery that she stole an 83-year-old man’s identity to pay for it. The fraudster, Brandie Bloor, received a tummy tuck, liposuction, and boob job after she had borrowed $15,000 from a loan company. Her stupid scheme was eventually discovered when the senior citizen began getting letters saying he was behind on loan repayments. Apparently, he was listed as the co-signer on the contract as Bloor’s grandfather.

"He was surprised and confused when he received the letter because he didn’t know a Brandie Bloor and hadn't, to his knowledge, taken out a loan," said Crown counsel Katie Bouchard.

But, of course, Bloor initially denied she had stolen the man’s money, insisting she, too, was a victim of identity theft. However, the doctors who performed the surgery back in 2013 explained to investigators that the woman whom they had worked on had a rose tattoo on her stomach … just like Bloor. Once officials were able to confirm that she was the one who underwent surgery, Bloor changed her story again, explaining that the 83-year-old man was a client whom she had performed escort services for. The man said it wasn’t true.

Bloor has since pleaded guilty to fraud over $5,000 and identity theft. Prosecutors have asked the judge for a sentence between nine months and a year in jail.

The things people will do for vanity ...