Atiba Jefferson has seen it all in over 20 years of taking pictures in Los Angeles. He knows the City of Angels inside and out (not an easy feat) and he understands L.A.’s skateboarding sub-culture perhaps as well as anyone out there. Atiba’s house in the hills is his sanctuary and prime thinking space—there’s also a halfpipe on the premises, so he gets some skating in, as well. When it comes to his work, however, the entire city is his laboratory, and he has shot some of the most epic skate photos of the past decade out on the streets of L.A.

Recently, he put together a pop-up gallery showcasing his work as a skate photographer through the Oakley In Residence program. The space’s opening was a moment to truly celebrate both skating and the city of L.A. Check out the video above for more on Atiba, the pop-up gallery, and the Los Angeles skate life.