Walmart is one of the world's largest retailers and it has just agreed to get rid of all its Confederate Flag merchandise, CNN reports

As of just last night, there was still plenty of Confederate-flag themed items on Walmart's website, however, in response to an inquiry made by CNN, Walmart vowed to take it all down. "We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer," said Brian Nick, a Walmart spokesman. "We have taken steps to remove all items promoting the confederate flag from our assortment -- whether in our stores or on our web site." The promise went into effect quickly. As of this morning, the closest thing to a Confederate flag offered on Walmart's website is the Mississippi state flag. 

Sears and Kmart have joined Walmart by promising to shut down third-party sellers that may be offering it on their sites. Both retailers did not sell Confederate flag merchandise in-store. However, Amazon and eBay did not respond to CNN's inquiry. Both still offer a large amount of products printed with flag on their websites. 

In the aftermath of the horrific church massacre in Charleston, much of the talk has centered around the flag. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart made it the focus of a powerful monologue about the shooting, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight called for it to be taken down, and even President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney agreed it is extremely offensive to millions of people. Walmart has now joined that conversation in the best way possible. 

Image via Mashable