Off-White's Spring 2016 collection "Blue Collar" is a tribute to the working man and designer Virgil Abloh included T-shirts that reference a fictional construction company as part of that theme. However, the number printed on the tees for Off-White Construction, 1-855-633-9483, is entirely real and will direct you to a voicemail of Abloh explaining the inspiration behind the new collection and its title. 

The phone call starts off with a reasoning for the message and an intended pun: "this is sort of a way to add color to the clothes," Abloh says. "It's the concept of basically crashing a white collar aesthetic with a blue collar aesthetic and seeing what the result of that is." That comes to life in the collection which features the deconstructed uniforms of postal service workers fused with more upscale clothing, like wool topcoats.

Abloh writes that he recorded the message in his London hotel room and that it will occasionally change. 

Call the number 1-855-633-9483 to hear the inspiration behind Off-White's latest collection straight from the source.