I never totally know what to think of Tom Ford simply based off the fact that of all the brands in the world, Tom Ford is one of the least likely to have anything end up in my closet, mostly thanks to the fact that I'm a total broke boy and the idea of saving up for something as luxe as this scares the living shit out of me. But really, I don't think there's anything cooler than Tom Ford at its core—crazy, insane suits that would make your mother gasp if she knew the price, leather jackets so ripe and clean that Hedi would pop a stiffy and psychedelic black tie that would get you kicked off the red carpet should you ever find yourself sneaking onto one by total accident. Listen, Tom Ford knows what his customers want and continues to give it to them even if it's impossible to connect with them in our world, which is planted firmly in reality. This is just a taste of what's to come for S/S 16 as you might be able to tell by the numbers in the bottom right corners (context clues!), so if you're down to shame yourself for never achieving a wide variety your future goals, keep an eye out for more as it leaks.