The London Evening Standard has a bombastic profile of Tom Ford in the lead-up to London Collections: Men. His sex-riddled days are behind him by now and he wants everyone to know that he's living a new lifestyle. Though he's famously rigid—wearing three piece suits all the damn time and demands the Tom Ford office space remain immaculate—he talks about his new, more relaxed lifestyle that his young child inspired. On that topic, he isn't afraid to call out those controversial statements by Dolce and Gabbana saying "I found [Dolce’s comments] incredibly ignorant — and you can say that — and insensitive. I was quite shocked, I have to say. They haven’t retracted it all, they defended it." Never one to mince words, that Tom Ford.

The man known for pushing the limits with risque models and photoshoots is quite trim himself and remains a size 48 regular so that he can try on samples for his new collections. But also maintains that he hasn't worked out in over two-and-a-half years, choosing to watch his diet and not indulge in any vices. Along with Alexander Wang, that makes two well-known fit-champions, who don't even hit the gym. This new lifestyle quite a shift from Ford's earlier days when he admits he was a functioning alcoholic, especially when he parted ways with Gucci in 2004 and entered a self-admitted mid-life crisis. Now, he says he has no desire to drink again. Good on him.

The other nugget here is that he used to take five baths PER DAY. Though his child has made him cut down to two. That is still so fucking insane. How does such a busy man still have time for two baths a day?