A Reddit user by the name of Hansel34 was forced to cut his hair in a way that resembles a pineapple after losing a bet to his cousin. Considering that some people on the wrong end of a wager have been forced to ink their bodies with some of the most disgusting designs imaginable, this teen got off pretty easy. 

The bet involved some sort of "GPA/pushup" competition that Hansel " wasn't even close" to winning against his cousin, he admits on Reddit. The winner of the bet was allowed to do whatever they wanted with the loser's hair. "Luckily she's a pretty artistic and talented kind soul who IMO made my hair pretty cool," Hansel wrote, and we don't completely disagree. The resulting gallery is a hilarious look at the completely spot-on pineapple cut from all angles. At the very least, the matching pineapple button-up was a nice touch. 

Check out select images from the gallery, which shows Hansel comparing himself to and wooing the pineapple, below.  

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