By now you've seen the tattoo of Drake as Bart Simpson if your Internet game is even remotely strong. It is important to note that, like most great works of art, this brilliant tattoo is just the next in the long tradition of creative excellence in the field of Matt Groening inspired body art. Every Simpsons tattoo, from the erotic to the ridiculous, stands on the shoulders of those who drew Bart, Homer, and even Hans Moleman on people's asses before. From the most standard Bart tattoos to ink featuring the more obscure Springfield residents, as long as there has been the The Simpsons, people have thought it was a good idea to permanently place Simpsons characters on their body. 

In the decades long history of The Simpsons there have been many ridiculous tattoos of our beloved yellow cartoon characters. Today, let's salute some of the greatest mistakes hardcore Springfield fans have ever made over the years. Here are The Most Ridiculous Simpsons Tattoos of All Time.