While Shepard Fairey was in Detroit to create a commissioned piece, his largest mural ever, he painted many more images that have landed him in a ton of trouble, and potentially jail, artnet reports.

Detroit police have issued a felony arrest warrant for Fairey due to illegal tags and murals he painted during his stay in the area. The street artist is wanted for property crimes that come with a possible five-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.

The Obey founder painted plenty of unsolicited works of street art all over the city, many of which feature the brand's Andre the Giant logo. Fairey was very open about his intentions when he first arrived in Detroit. "I still do stuff on the street without permission," he told the Detroit Free Press. "I'll be doing stuff on the street when I'm in Detroit."

Authorities claim that Fairey has cost the city $9,105.54, and the fact that he's a famous artist doesn't give him a free pass. "Just because he is well-known does not take away the fact that he is also a vandal," Detroit Police Sgt. Rebecca McKay said. McKay adds that Fairey will be arrested when he returns to the area if he doesn't turn himself in. 

Fairey's previous run-ins with the law involves his use of one President Obama's Hope posters, which he ended up being fined $25,000 for. 

You can see examples of some of Fairey's unsanctioned work in Detroit below. 

Image via artnet
Image via artnet
Image via artnet