Ralph Lauren really broadened its horizons for S/S 16. The powerful suits that everyone is used to spread their wings to parts only briefly explored previously. The result is one that's kind to every customer who wants a little bit of everything, even though most of them will never have enough money to even grant them the privilege of sniffing a Purple Label creation. Somehow, season after season, Ralph make me want to buy a brown suit even though I 1. never wear suits and 2. think brown is a really terrible color. Only so many people have that swaying power. If you can detach yourself from the colored chinos looks that will blow you away with vibrant frat vibes, you'll see a lot: the tech-y Euro gear towards the beginning, casual Italian get-ups in pale pastels and white pants that and strong suits only Ralph is worthy of stamping his initials on. Seriously, can anyone else actually make a double breasted waistcoat seem cool? That shit is so fucking wack in principle and yet here is Lord Lifshitz, lording over his menswear kingdom. Just another day for Ralph Lauren.