You probably haven't heard of Qasimi and that's alright because I hadn't either until this morning. But I took a quick look over some of the brand's previous collections and they're pretty great. Khalid Al Qasimi is a designer from the UAE who has been around for a cool minute and has found some success on the fashion circuit. He put his brand on hold for a couple of years, but is back for S/S 16. The minimalism and tonal nature is palpable. I'm not about to be sporting any mustard gear (at least I don't think so), but I dig the sandy looks for sure. The greys and blues look like they were sandblasted to give them a duller tone, which is cool. Being a warm weather collection, it's all very flowy and lightweight without veering too hard into the overly baggy territory that has come back en vogue recently. Long shirts, popovers with altered plackets and bombers all come together for a clean head-to-toe look held together with bonded cotton and technical fabrics. It all sort of feels like a more eclectic version of COS. More info on Qasimi's return should become available soon, so keep it locked.

[Photos via Selectism]