Post Overalls makes almost perfect work jackets and coats like this OK40 jacket in indigo sheeting. Cotton-linen blends like this are perfect for wearing while you light a bunch of fireworks in an ill-advised attempt at having fun. It's always hot out when you blow shit up with fireworks and different combinations of metals and elements to make the explosions different colors and normally you have on, like, shorts and a T-shirt. But one time, my buddy loaded the round upside down in the mortar, so instead of flying 100 feet in the air, the shell only went up 12 feet before exploding and we all were showered with sparks and a bunch of us got light burns. Sure, you should wear true flame retardant clothing, but fuck that shit. You still gotta look steezy as you blow shit up. So, yeah, wear a cotton-linen chore coat so that way you won't sweat as much when you have to run away while your friend shoots you with a Roman candle.