Pitti Uomo is nothing short of intimidating. Being one of the most notorious hubs of contemporary and classic menswear, you can bet that you're going to be seeing everyone; from street style icons, to the fresh new labels, out in the Florentine sun (and that's saying nothing of the swarms of photographers that lurking in the resulting shadows). It's a lot to take in, and with much of the Pitti coverage focusing on how to recreate the region's sprezzatura style, it's also a reminder that unless you're born in Italy, or come into massive wealth, the aesthetic (and the event itself) are woefully in accessible—or so you think.

As #menswear has come and gone, and streetwear makes its mark on tastes of men worldwide (cough..Hood By Air at Pitti Uomo 87...cough), more and more guys are dressing for Pitti differently. Instead of suggesting you drop three months' rent on a pair of double-monks, we tackling the truly practical advice guys can pick up at Pitti. Here are 8 Style Rules Regular Dudes Can Learn From Menswear's Biggest Fashion Show.