The Hermés Birkin bag is one of the most coveted purses in existence. Women are known to sit on a waiting list for the exclusive bag for years before having the honor of shelling out at least $10,000 for one. Due to the long wait time, people have obviously found crazy workarounds, which lucky customers posted about on PurseBlog.

One person's recommendation is to just spend thousands of dollars on other items so that you might appear more appealing to Hermés. A user posting under the name Dylan Propst recounts constantly popping into the store to buy something before associates finally made the bag available to her. "I think it took around 18 months (and thousands of dollars later) before they finally said 'we have a Birkin in the back,'" Propst wrote.

Another women tells the hilarious story of getting her Birkin bag after former wives of an NFL player and rapper found out their husbands were cheating and decided to sell everything. While dating an NFL player, "one of his teammates cheated on the side chick & she got pissed & sold off all her birkins & most of her Chanel collection for literally pennies on the dollar," Joyll writes. The same thing happened when a rapper's wife learned "he had a kitty in every city." 

Posters also explain the ludicrous process of wooing a sales associate who is willing to sell to you. "[My sales associate] did tell me when I initially asked how to purchase one that you need to be 'deserving,'" one user wrote. And after the whole process customers still might get a bag that smells like weed

Something tells us Kim Kardashian, who owns multiple versions of the bag, including one Kanye West allowed their daughter North to customize by drawing all over it, didn't have to go through all this. 

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