This is a super branded, very manufactured promotional clip here, but take 40 seconds out of your day to watch it because it's highly likely that you aren't doing shit at your job right now because it's Friday. Following the news that Balmain would be collaborating with H&M this year, some people freaked the fuck out while others felt a little skeptical at the gulf of price and quality between the two brands. But Olivier Rousteing of Balmain dishes here on the reason why the collaboration is happening and why it makes total sense.

Rousteing is one of the youngest creative directors in fashion and because of that he grew up more acquainted with H&M than just about any other designer. With his and the brand's propensity to wheel and deal on Instagram and other social media, the savviness between the two brands lines up well. He calls himself an "H&M boy" and part of the "H&M generation." He champions Balmain as a very inclusive luxury brand and with the power of H&M's inclusiveness to the masses, it can bring just about everyone into the fold when the collection drops in November. I mean, aside from the nice paycheck he and Balmain might be getting for the work, this makes sense.

[Photo via H&M]