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According to a bunch of sneaker blogs, New Balance's custom program will be expanded to include the 998. One of the brand's more popular silhouettes, the 998 will be added to the already stacked roster of the #menswear OG 574 and very paternal 993. Customers will be able to modify 16 different areas with materials like mesh, suede and 3M. Down the road, NB will also add other materials like nubuck, herringbone textile and Horween leather. Though the addition was supposed to start on June 8th, it actually looks like you can get a head start on your design right now. You can see a few examples from certified #influencers like Dapper Lou and Adrienne Ho above. Getting a pair will run between $200 and $210, but they'll be made in America and apparently done very quick compared to similar services like NIKEiD and MiAdidas, so it seems worth it. Hold on to your bank accounts.