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Nepenthes is one of the New York's best slices of  Japanese fashion, offsetting its own in-house line with labels like Engineered Garments, and Needles. In the brand/store's latest editorial, "Sayonara Estate", viewers are treated to a slice of Shibuya—and some some fire jawns as well.

Shot by Akira Yamada and styled by Katsuyuki Honjo, the editorial features Nepenthes regulars, EG, Needles, and Rough & Tumble showcased on the streets of Shibuya. According to the brand's Japanese website, the editorial isn't just to give a peek at their product roster, but to pay homage to Shibuya as a neighborhood before it undergoes major construction in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

Take a look at the editorial below, and if you're craving more of the same aesthetic, pick up an issue of NEPENTHES in print.