It's weird to really "introduce" a brand here. It's not like we're a menswear store who is adding a new brand to our stock or something. But new brands pop up all the time and if they are good we need to cover some of them. Mr. Completely is one of those brands. Like all things Internet-based, I found Mr. Completely through Instagram a couple of weeks ago and it piqued my interest. The pieces that stuck out immediately were the jeans, which are sort of a blend between stacked skinny jeans and Nike Tech Fleece as they come equipped with a long zippered pocket down the right leg. Aside from the denim, Mr. C also does up hoodies, sweats (also with the aforementioned pocket), flannels and outerwear, including bombers with no filling, truckers and parkas. A lot of the tops come with their own moto-style zipper cuffs to tighten or loosen up the sleeve opening as you see fit. Altogether, it reminds me of a sort of even more post-apocalyptic Fear of God. It's intentionally dingier and more ragged, which, in turn, adds even more grit and edginess. I don't think it's that much of a stretch to assume both you and I could use a little of that to toughen us up. You can pick up everything seen here from the Mr. Completely webstore right now though some pieces, like a patched bomber and a chambray long shirt, ship out made-to-order.