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I can't really find any news of this anywhere, but my go-to Japanese fashion site, Fashion Press, came through with the tip that Moncler and Ami partnered up for a new collection called "Moncler a" that launches this fall. I assume that "a" stands for Ami, since Moncler also has a women's collection coming out called "Moncler E" that is through a partnership with Erdem. I'm available for hire if you need a PI. The Google translate produces some pretty fucking broken English, but enough to get the gist of what's happening here. Moncler—who has done work with the likes of White Mountaineering in the past and brought on Thom Browne full-time for Moncler Gamme Bleu—takes its functional winter weather clothing and melds with with some of Ami's more streamlined and simplistic looks. The result is a pretty even split. You have the standard overt Moncler badge on quite a few pieces, but that puffy quilting we're used to is not nearly as prominent as you might think. I also don't think I've ever seen a more diesel zipper than the ones used here. You could chew solid food with those teeth goddamn. The oversized topcoats at the beginning, the glenplaid pieces towards the end and the well-branded Ami-Moncler hybrid logo all look pretty cool. I've never even thought about owning a Moncler piece, but this is strong. Expect to see this in stores closer to actual winter, though, again, not much other information on this is readily available.