Four Pins 2014 Man Of The Year, the guy who had his own spread in CR Fashion Book, wore a 3M poncho made for his most recent tour and is also a very entertaining and good rapper, Young Thug, is a lord of the highest degree. But, and maybe this is a stretch, without his wild wardrobe to complement his equally wild rapping style, I don't think he'd be quite as big. Which is why having a stylist is important. Pitchfork interviewed Young Thug's stylist, Joanna Zarur, to talk about everything from Thugger's style evolution—which literally started in the kid's section—to some of the backlash.

After styling Thug's video for "Stoner" on a whim last year, Zarur was brought on full-time after dropping out of Stanford. If you've paid any attention whatsoever, you'll know that Thugger's style choices are the definition of divisive. And you already know we fucking love that sort of shit. If you aren't sparking some hate, then your fit isn't doing its job. While many celebrity stylists shop designer and pick out a bunch of labels to try, Zarur actually makes most of Thug's wardrobe herself. She often finds herself buying dresses and modifying them, adding T-shirts, turning three pieces into one and tailoring denim so they're tight since Thug says he's only comfortable in all skintight everything. Of course, the hate is palpable at times, but does it ever get to Thugger? Not a fucking chance, Zarur says:

I don’t understand how he’s so above it. Sometimes he’ll do stuff on purpose that he knows will piss people off. If people start talking shit about his nails being red, he’ll put crystals on the nails. Talk about his jeans, he’s like, "I want tighter jeans." He goes out of his way to make sure people know he doesn’t care. He finds it funny, ‘cause at the end of the day, he’s setting a trend. He’ll look at Instagram and read the hater comments and laugh, and show his friends.

Check the rest of the interview at Pitchfork.

[Photo via Joanna Zarur]