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Well, this was an inevitability. And yet, I'm still shocked as hell at how good these Margiela Futures in navy are. It only makes sense that the brand is going to continue to add colors to the shoe as it releases them more often. But because I got cart-jacked for the all-black pair during Sneakerboy's crazy sale earlier this week, these have me extra fucked up because I want what I cannot have and what was denied to me less than 48 hours ago. It's worse than a breakup where the girl dumps you and immediately sidles up next to a dude who is better looking, smarter, richer and less awkward than you the next day like she definitely had that shit lined up. All of a sudden, the small things you've done wrong—like, say, oh, I don't know, spend $900 on sneakers—start to weight more heavily on you. The fact that these are navy doesn't change the fact that they're still $900, but the fact that you would wear and style them 18,000% better than Mr. Porter did here could play an important part in your copping process. Seriously, it's a fucking travesty to treat such hallowed grails with that level of disrespect.