Carl McCoid is a Miley Cyrus superfan who has spent £2,800, roughly $4,450, on 29 different tattoos as a tribute to the pop star. However, he has promised to remove them after Cyrus called the man's human shrine to her "ugly," according to the Daily Mail.

McCoid says that he got his first Cyrus-related tat after his divorce in 2010, and it spiraled into an obsession from there. "I never thought I would regret it," he told the Daily Mail. However, Cyrus called out McCoid in an interview as the "dude that holds a record of the most pictures of my face," before adding, "[the tattoos are] really ugly."  Cyrus has even blocked McCoid on Twitter. 
McCoid now plans to undergo three laser-removal procedures, which are lengthy and expensive operations, in hopes that his new appearance will help him find a girlfriend and move on with his life. It was really Cyrus' comments that helped him make the decision, though. "She mentioned they were creepy in an interview," he said. "It made me realize I didn't like them." Welp. That still sounds like an obsession, but at least now it'll be hidden from the world.

Check out the superfan's tattoos, which show Cyrus' face, name, and album titles, below.