This season two designers, instead of the usual three, showed on the MAN runway. Rory Parnell Moody did his thing, but Liam Hodges, on his third and final outing on the MAN runway, completely killed it. The pirate radio-themed show, as is Hodges’ way, saw modern urban influences meet fraternal institutions, in this case football, all reproduced in a hardwearing, lo-fi, craftful take on football kits, lots of A-line wide shorts, and jacquard applique tracksuits. Hodges loves monochrome but this time entire looks in white and metallic electric blue appeared too. As the models came out for the final walk through, as Visionist’s soundtrack seemed to surge through the speakers, out strode Hector Aponysus who did a spoken word poetry thing. Not only did it not suck, it was pure fire.