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Lately, any time I get an email from Larose Paris, I try and pronounce it the same way Natalie La Rose says her name before she starts singing. The syllable counts don't really match up so it's a bit of a stretch, but it's been fun. Anyways, the Montreal based hat purveyor sent us their latest video and, I don't know about you, but I'm all the way down with videos that feature nice furniture, classic cars, jazzy soundtracks and bold fonts. I also like the way it ends with "presque parfait." That's "almost perfect" in French. I'm gonna start using this phrase despite not knowing exactly how it fits into a sentence grammatically. Like, I'm just gonna eat a fancy meal and then lean back and be like, "Presque parfait, my guys. Presque parfait." And when someone questions what made the meal imperfect (after I explain myself like any true pretentious dickhead, of course), I'll say, "Nothing can be perfect in this realm. We have to wait until we ascend to the noumenal plane before we can bear witness to true perfection." Then, someone will definitely be like, "I Wwsh you would have just stayed in the cave with your constant mention of Platonic forms."